Archery/Arrow Blunt or APD by Duke Baldar - SCA Legal for field combat archers

Dark Victory SCA Arrow Heads

The effective and good flying CUBB3 Baldar Blunt for Combat Archery

or the Safe and Efficient Anti Penetration Device. 

This auction is for 1 (ONE), blunt or APD and includes FREE shipping within the U.S.A.

  • What is a "Fathead" or CUBB3 Baldar Blunt? 
The CUBB3/Fathead Baldar Blunts (as shown) are molded UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) plastic coated with rubber that fits on the tip of a fiberglass arrow/bolt shaft. The blunts fit ¼ inch shafts (see pic). They are designed prevent injury to persons wearing SCA legal equipment and therefore allow for safe and effective combat archery (CA) within many of the Kingdoms of theSociety for Creative Anachronism (SCA).  No more changing pads or arguing over whether it's too hard/too soft or how thick it is.   Baldar CUBB blunts are virtually immortal and allowed in most Kingdoms (PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL REGULATIONS BEFORE USING )  Remember, these are designed to be used on fiberglass shafting: longbows of 30 lbs or less draw and crossbows of 600 ip or less. Hammer fit them on using a Kingdom approved adhesive and then secure with two pieces of tape and you're ready to go.  Weight is 36.5 grams.
Midrealm has a very thorough installation, standards, and inspection page that can be found here:
  • What colors and sizes do Baldar Blunts come in?
They come in black only.
  • May these be used to build the Siloflex Tube Baldar?
While they may be mounted onto HDPE tubes, these are NOT of the former "Classic-Baldar" style and are therefore are not legal for use on any Siloflex Tube Baldar (STB) combat arrows in any SCA venue. Please consult with your Kingdom' Combat Archery Marshallate for full detail on acceptable combat archery rules for your particular area.
  • What is the the Asgard APD?
The fiat requiring anti-penetration devices on all shafted arrows and bolts in the SCA was a blow to serious combat archery. Thousands of projectiles require refurbishment, and it’s put a real burden on the combat archer, in terms of time, expense, and accuracy. We think we’ve managed to minimize all three.
The Asgard APD is a one-piece, injection-molded fitting that acts as APD, fletching, and nock. Based on a Siloflex design, we expect this to be the standard APD in combat archery. Long arrow-workshops are a thing of the past, as are constant upkeep and re-taping. In being identical, you can approach the consistency of your field arrows. (Which is not to say they’ll make your combat archery as accurate as your target set, but we were surprised at the amount of accuracy we were able to maintain; in fact, in some of our testing with crossbows, they showed a slight edge in both accuracy and range over some standard fletchings using the same shafts and blunts!)

The current Tessa model has a thicker cross-section than previous models, allowing us to return to the open cylinder in the APD – most archers have been utilizing the opening for their thumb in a modified-primitive release. The nock is slanted so that the APD rides a little high in a right-hand release, allowing it to better clear the shelf of the bow. For crossbows, the nock is easy to remove and file flat. At this time, Asgard APDs are only configured for ?” fiberglass shafts – do not attempt to shave wood shafts down to fit them!

We believe that the blunt/fiberglass shaft/APD combination will remain the state of the art in combat archery for years to come, and think these APDs will become an indispensable part of that; if your kingdom allows shafted combat archery, you may have found your final configuration.  Weight is 6.9 grams.  Size is 1.5" at widest x 2 1/4" from end to end.

Custom works happily considered for belts, shields or body armor. 
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