HDPE Armor

This is what we are known best for.   Our HDPE plastic armor is availabe in either indvidual sections, such as a vambrace, or as a complete kit. 

When completing your HDPE plastic armor order, please include your sizing information.  We want to make sure your armor is the best fit possible.


Leather and Steel Armor

We offer some exceptional quality items from our Our Bar Grill Bascinet Helm to the Brigantine Gorget Steel & Leather Gorget.    Most items listed have multiple options, such as our chain hauberks being available in both aluminum and stainless.  


Combat Accessories

It you use it in fighting, you will find it here.  This catalog includes weapon heads, rattan, shield bosses, basket hilts, and even rivets for armor!



This is our largest catalog of items.   You will find a varity of belts, clothing, and pouches, etc.


Our high quality HDPE plastic shields.   Lightweight and durable.   What more could a fighter ask for?!