Shoulder Pauldrons

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About this Piece

Built of heat formed High Density Polyethylene, these pauldrons provide rugged protection in full contact rattan sword fighting combat or LARPing.  Differing from our standard pauldrons these feature a wider base plate & a crescent shaped plate attached by solid copper rivets and extending upwards to protect against rising shots to the neck or head.   Our armor is assembled with 550 test para-cord and has flexible gap free articulation between all of the plates.   The pictured 3 lames version extends down the arm providing good rearbrace protection that can be easily adjusted by knotting the para-cord as you may wish.  There are mounting points on the pauldron plate for easy attachment to your body harness or costume.  These wear well on a leather jacket.  All edges have been heat treated to give a smooth and safe rounding.  This armor is entirely compression rivet free.  Failures are rare & easy to fix.  Fight all day.    It is designed for speedy armoring up and down.  Although light in weight, these pauldrons are nearly indestructible and extraordinarily tough.  Although some areas ask that exposed plastic be covered in tournaments, this armor exceeds all known world standards for protection.

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Shoulder Assembly to Breastplate


3 Lames