Sizing your HDPE Armor

Getting Sizing Right

Before we can build your suit, we will need to know the right sizing to make your suit.   The first thing we will need to get is your height.

To do this, please select your height below and add it to your cart.   Keep Scrolling down the page after you pick your height.

Height - 5" or less
Height - 5’1”-5’4”
Height - 5’5””-5’8”
Height - 5’9”-6’
Height - 6’1”-6’4”
Height - 6’5” or more


Your weight is an important criteria in making sure that your suit fits right.

Yes, we know that muscle and fat have different weights, and it's not a perfect measure, but it helps get us into the right ballpark.

Weight - 100-130
Weight - 131-160
Weight - 161-190
Weight - 191-220
Weight - 221-250
Weight - 251+

Bone Structure

We need to know your bone structure to help fit your armor.   If you're not sure, just make your best guess.

Bone Structure - Bird Bones
Bone Structure - Average Bones
Bone Structure - Heavy Bones

Inseam Length

Now we need your inseam length.

Inseam Length - 23" or less
Inseam Length - 24"-26"
Inseam Length - 28"-30"
Inseam Length - 32"-34"
Inseam Length - 36" or more

Breast Cup Size -- If Applicable

The final thing we need from women are their breast cup size. This is to ensure the proper fit of the breastplate.

Cup Size - A
Cup Size - B
Cup Size - C
Cup Size - D

Pick Your Piece

Now that you have taken the time to complete your sizing, select the item you want to buy!