Our Staff

Chief Armorer Jordan Weinstein

Jordan WeinsteinJordan Weinstein is the chief armorer at Dark Victory Armor.   Jordan founded Dark Victory Armor in 200X, and has been running the company since.   Jordan fights in regular SCA events?   He also does ... stuff ...  help me out here Jordan.  





Chief Fabricator Jack Nichols

Jack NicholsChief Fabricator - Master of the Putney Freehold - Jack Nichols - Over the past several years we've seen greater growth and diversity of sizes and patterns as a matter of having this creative, organized guy working for us. I'm proud to have him as a member of the team.





Fabricator Cassandra Nichols

Cassandra NicholsFabricator - Mistress of the Putney Freehold - Cassandra Nichols - When things absolutely positively need to get done on time, she is the one who can make it happen





Fabricator Tom Hart

Tom HartFabricator - Tom Hart - One of the only apprentices that I put to the task of hot rivetting and forming parts. Talented, focused, and and with mad ninja skill. No, really.





Assembler Gene Coursey

Gene CourseyAssembler - Gene Coursey. Got hooked on armor making. Also great kid making as that's Cara on his lap





Independent Artist Marrus


Independent Artist - Marrus - has done some great painting and embellishment for DVA. Is a thriving, self possessed artist and author. 

Check out her book and her artist web site.