Other Plastic Armor

Cold WeatherAn example of our work

Are you considering Kydex or ABS armor?  Both Kydex and ABS become subject to brittle fracturing when they are exposed to sub zero temperatures?  Do you ever fight in the cold?  We do, and 15 years of experience in these cold climates has taught us to not use potentially brittle plastics.  Our alternative, high density polyethylene, is a long strand molecular plastic and will not become brittle in cold temperature (at least not those that you’ll be even considering fighting in). 



It is extremely difficult to form it into complex curves, but likewise it is MUCH more durable and abuse proof that harder plastics.  Harder plastic rely more greatly upon the structure of the plastic to provide protection.  HDPE relies as much more upon the form of the armor overall rather than an individual piece.  Because harder plastic can be formed into deeper contours it’s maker can create deeply dished parts.  When these parts fail, the results can be more very serious because of the more fitted nature of the parts.  Try one of those Shosiam pattern copy gauntlets.  If a dished plate caves in under a glaive, I bet you could hear the scream all the way to Drakenvald!


Get into the fight right away!Ease Of Setup

Our armor will not require you to spend weeks tying together a suit in your spare time.  You can throw the suit over your head and get to work right away!  

Our armor is cheaper than those other suits, in addition to being ready for combat.   How much is your time and money worth?