Why You Should Use Plastic Armor

Once Upon A TimeOur suit of armor

Once upon a time, I thought that the best armor was steel plate.  Why was I so deluded?  Because when I played AD&D, full plate armor was the best you could get.  So I wandered into the wonderful world of armorers with the preconception that steel ruled the field.  I was wrong and the armorers were happy to take my money.

I’ve learned since then that there are alternatives in the construction of armor that offer superior performance and a lower cost.   This is what Dark Victory sells.


Materials & Features

Our armor is constructed out of polyethylene barrel plastic following the natural curvature of the original barrel form for added strength.  All cut edges are heat treated for a finished "no-jag" look and feel.  Safer & better.  The leather used for shoulder straps is generally no less that 12 oz. leather.  This armor is entirely compression rivet free.  Failures are rare & easy to fix.  Fight all day.  This armor is completely strapped.  (Other armorers might leave this detail out - how crass!)  It is designed for speedy armoring up and down; generally in under 5 minutes.  All lacing is 550-lb. test strength poly-sheathed cord.  Tough stuff.

Rust proof.  Mildew free.  Easy to clean.  You can even swim in it as it floats!  (no it’s not coast guard approved)


HDPE As Armor

Toughness is the ability to absorb energy and plastically deform without fracturing.    Strong is the ability to withstand an applied load without failure.   HDPE is very tough, and not as strong as other plastics.   This means that HDPE will last forever, and you can still feel your blows through the armor.   Extra 'sting' can be reduced through proper padding techniques.


Ease of Maintenance

Black Flash is assembled using 550 lb. test cord.   Failure is not common in Black Flash armor.  Should a failure occur, take a small piece of cord -- which is easy to keep in with you -- and have it repaired in about a minute! No specialized parts or skills are needed.  Dark Victory’s Black Flash has a technological edge that cannot be disputed.

When you get off the field, do you want to carefully put away your armor taking the time to oil and store each piece properly.  It’s probably saturated in salty perspiration and is going to rust if you don’t.  Salt water kills leather.  Add oil to leather and it get’s softer, thus protecting you less.  Would a better alternative be to just drop your armor off at camp without any regard to maintaining it?  You have that option with Black Flash.  Our armor is IMMUNE to the elements.  At a past rainy Gulf Wars where the gulf engulfed the war our armor sat boldly in the mud.  Were we concerned that it would rust or moulder?  No way.  Other armor cowered under tents, while Black Flash stood the storm.  We pay no heed to weather.  It has no effect on us.