Dark Victory in the SCA

Armored Fighter

Affordable Armor For Everyone

Our armor has many advantages, one of our best is the cost of gearing up.   The SCA is an expensive hobby, with site fees, camping gear, and garb all being required items.   Heavy fighting can also be an expensive hobby, so why spend $1,000 or more on a suit of armor when you can spend $250?


We Make It Look Good

It is easy to find garb or other gear to cover your Dark Victory armor.   Even when not fully covered, our armor will look better than many other suits out there.

Look at these two suits of armor.   The one of the left is Dark Victory armor, and the one on the right is a suit of leather armor.   Both suits look good, but the one of the left has all the advantages Dark Victory provides in addition to looking good.   


A suit of Dark Victory modified to be eastern design

Saftey First

Dark Victory armor meets and exceeds all standards for SCA armor.   Wearing a suit of our armor will provide you the maximum protection from injury.    This is pretty important when someone is swinging a rattan weapon at you!


Customize Armor

Dark Victory armor can be customized to whatever you need.   Jeffery Harris modified the suit shown on the right to be a eastern style of armor.  You can customize your Dark Victory armor to suit whatever persona you desire.