Dark Victory LARPing

Counts As Plate

Our armor counts as plate armor in most LARP systems.   You will have the advantage of 'Rule of Cool', on your side when you stride in to get your armor judged for point value.    You can also enhance your Dark Victory armor, depending on your rules system, to earn more points for wearing it.  


Light As A Feather

Unlike metal armor, you are much more manuverble in Dark Victory armor.      When that enemy spellcaster is dropping your group, and you need to put some serious "10 magic" into his face, Dark Victory armor is critical for making it there.   I can attest this from personal experience of playing a fighter/templar for years.  When I shifted from wearing a chainmail halbrek to lighter armor, my effectivness on the field increased by an order of magintude!


Ease of Maintainance

Not every LARPer is going to carry around all the tools to fix and care for steel armor.   If you don't properly maintain leather armor, it will also have mold and start to fray.    Dark Victory armor has none of those problems.   Take it off before you go to bed, toss it onto the floor in your cabin, then crash out until morning.   You can even take a hose to clean it when you get home!


Customized Dark Victory PlateCustomizable

Our armor is a template for you to work with.   You can wear it as is, or you can enhance the armor by adding your own variations to it!   

If you want your charater to have more of a shaman feel, you can add feathers to the armor.   If you want to make it look more like steel, you can paint it!   You can add desgins to the armor!    

Given the cost of our armor, you can buy multiple suits and customize them to fit your tastes.    No other armor gives you that option!