Female Fighting Armor

Sizing Requirements

Production Female Armor is available for females of D-Cup or less.  


Modifications Made

This Dark Victory armor varies from the original in three ways.

1) The torso and back are reduced in length by 3 inches (to  accommodate the smaller torso length) while maintaining the same sized side plates (to accommodate the higher waist location). Hip plates are built into every set male and female, so the hip curves should have good coverage as well.

2) I've added a set of curved doors to the slope/taper portion of the  breastplate to accommodate breast cup depth. The doors are held down with lacing that interfaces with the back plate and can be tied front or back. ------- NO BOOB MOUNTAINS

3) I also have reduced the size of the 1/2 gauntlet hands by 20% to better fit the somewhat smaller hand (on average). There are option plates such as tassets and butt plates which can offer more protection, as females average longer thigh dimensions.

4) Change in shoulder straps attachment to handle different geometry

5) Vambraces are now 2 inches shorter


Satisfication Guaranteed

Please understand that although this is a production run of armor for females, I am eager to continue to improve the design. As with all my armor the same guarantee of satisfaction applies. "If you hate it when you get it, send it back." I have never had an unhappy customer that I did not make happy in short order. I fix the problem or give the money back.  I intend to be a consistent, reliable, dependable, and lightning fast source of solid, protective female production armor. This service is not being provided to my knowledge in the known world, and certainly not at anywhere near this price.