Full HDPE Suit of Armor

Make Sure You Have Been Sized Up -

Before ordering this armor, please make sure you have completed the sizing information.

If you have any questions about the options listed in selecting your suit, the description is below.​

Full Dark Victory Armor Suit

Customize Your Suit: 

Belt Options

Belt SizeDark Victory Armor Set

Sizing modification for  Belt size 38-42 -  includes larger backplate and pauldrons - Additional $15

Sizing modification for Belt size 44-50 -  includes larger breast & back and larger pauldrons & upgrade bridle leather belt arming belt (7+ foot) - Additonal $35

Sizing modification for Belt size 52 or more - includes as above but includes uses specialty parts and follow up with chief armorer to confirm body geometry.


Suit Options

Butt Plates

This will keep your rear end from getting hit by Sir Spanksalot. -- Additional $10


These protect your upper thigh below breastplate. -- Additional $10

3/4 Greaves

These provide shin protection -- Additional $10

Leg Doors

These guard against wrap shots to your thigh.

Fleck System 

This German "peace dividend" product is a great upgrade for use as an arming belt. The quick connect belt (with plenty of grommet holes) and optional shoulder straps are a fast arming alternative for hanging your legs. This system also include 2 pouches (6x6x1 & 4x7x2) AND a haversack (12x10x4) all of which may be attached to the belt


Breastplate Assembly Part One

Breastplate Assembly Part Two

Breastplate & Shoulder Assembly Part Three

Full Suit