Parachute Cord 550 Paracord


Black #550 Nylon Braided Paracord

Strong High-Quality Cord.

Great for camping, fishing, tie-down, you name it.  Each cord contains seven removable inner strands that can be used for emergency situations.  

Safety note: not intended for parachute use of life suspension

  • 100% Nylon

  • Made by a US Government Contractor

  • 550lb test

  • 7 Strand Core

  • Diameter: 5/32"

  • Made in the USA

  • Type III Commercial Grade

We normally offer the following choice of lengths: 1', 5', 20', 50', 100', 300', and 1000 foot.  Check the drag down menu for available inventory of this useful demand product.
We think of the 1' & 5' as  sample lengths, the 20' as a back pack skein, the 50' as a camping pack, the 100' for general purpose, the 300' for a household supply and the 1000' for a good big supply or a special project. This represents the total length in one part.

Using Paracord:


International shipping:

International buyers SHOULD contact us for a shipping quote on more than 300 feet of paracord (you will save money).  International buyers MUST contact us for a shipping quote on more than 700 feet of paracord so that we can discuss the most efficient shipping. We will refund on orders that do not follow the MUST rule.  

  • The 300' rolls (total of 600') are quite compact and two of them can be put into a flat rate padded envelope to keep shipping costs as low as possible.  

  • The 1000' roll can be squeezed into a flat rate box.

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