Rubber Band Gun, SCA Rapier

Dark Victory Rubber Band Gun

One Rubber Band Gun for use with Surgical Tubing Shots


This listing is for one Rubber Band Gun (RBG).  This gun is specially designed for use with the Society for Creative Anachronism rapier combat and includes 2 Surgical Tubing ammunition shots.  The RBG has a high-grade, well shaped, and thoroughly sanded plywood stock and body to meet the requirements of SCA rapier combat.  Weighing a solid 6 oz it has and excellent hand feel and sufficient robustness to be used as rigid parry.   The draw length on the barrel is 9 1/2" that delivers a pull tension of 13 1/2" with a smooth yet positive 1.5 pound trigger pull that is a perfect fit for the rough and tumble fight.  This RBG is ready for use and has been used to wicked effect at many events.  As it is accurate up to 35 feet this RBG is the perfect way to reach out and touch someone on the rapier field. 

Our RBG should meet all the requirements for other groups such as Empire of Chivalry and Steel and LARP rapier combat, but please consult your safety officer for full information on rules compliance with your activity's weapons standards.

Safety Note: Our RBG is NOT a toy and should be treated like a live fire arm when loaded. Each band has serious tension and could cause injury if not handled carefully.  Be warned and cautious and use proper caution and safeguards against unintended discharge.

Extra ammunition is available from the menu.


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