Baldric, Quality Leather


Top Quality Bridle Leather Baldric with Solid Brass Buckle

When you are seeking to hold your sword at the ready and a pistol close at hand, nothing works quite as well as a well crafted baldric.  By distributing the weight across the body there is no burden in carrying even the heaviest of one handers.  Our baldric is crafted from top quality 2 1/2 inch sealed bridle leather. Available in chestnut brown and black. 

The pictured baldrics are made in Black and Chestnut bridle, equipped with a pistol loop and a black steel ring upon which you may affix a sword carriage or perhaps drop a naval boarding axe.   We make each of these in a manner that will suit the wearer's specifications and prefer to have a discuss the construction detail in advance so please feel free to contact us either via ebay messaging or by email jordan at darkvictory dot com.   We can easily enough accommodate a blade carriage rather than a ring.   The over the shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit whatever costume it can be worn with by way of a handsome solid brass buckle.

Which Side? 

We'll want to know which side you'll be wearing this on so that we can build it right for you.  The Chestnut Baldric pictured in this auction is intended to be worn on the left side of your body and would allow an easy cross body weapon draw with the right hand.  Therefore we call this a Right Hand Draw.  If you'd wish to wear your baldric on the right side of your body and use your left hand to draw your weapon, you would want to order a Left Hand Draw.


All images shown below show the buckle version.


Black Left Hand Side