Belt Ring, Large Decorated


Engraved Stainless Medieval Belt Ring

We are happy to offer these terrific Stainless Steel Belt Rings

The ring that is illustrated here and as the main auction picture is the larger style with black accents that measures 3 3/4" Outside Diameter & 2 3/4" Inside Diameter.   It is most suitable for wider belts starting at 1 3/4" and wider, but could be used for all manner of projects as a highly attractive accent.

There is a smaller variety measures 2 - 7/8th inches across (Outside Diameter) with a 2 inch inside measurement. and has been nicely polished to a dress finish.

The black accent color is illustrated in the pics.  The rings with no highly have the stainless steel exposed instead of black in the floral inset.

2 and 7/8" O.D. & 2" I.D.