Buckle, Metal Lion Head with or without belt


Leather Lion Head Belt

    This sturdy 10-11 oz drum dyed bridle leather belt is the same premium product that we have made for thousands of satisfied customer over several decades.  It is sealed the full length on all sides to prevent die transfer onto your attire.   It measures 1 1/2" wide by virtually any length you would like.  It can be worn in the manner of a modern belt trimmed to 5-6 inches more that your pants size or it can be worn knotted in Half Windsor/SCA/Medieval fashion.   It comes complete with a magnificent Lion's Head Buckle.  Built for long life and with serious quality, our belt will exceed your expectations.


    • Buckle:  The Lion's Head Buckle was an investment that we made a few years ago and have only recently brought to market.  They were the last that were available and our current supply is extremely limited and absolutely all that will be available.  While we suspect that they were a remainder from belt that were made under the Versace label but cannot confirm this.  In no way do we claim that these are original Versace, buy for the quality not for the brand.
    • Color: Your choice of Black or Chestnut Brown Bridle Leather.  Long Wear, Excellent Body.
    • Length: We typically cut this belt to 6 inches longer that your pants size and bracket this with a range of holes that will allow for variations in weight, clothing, and measurement accuracy.  If you choose the medieval/half windsor treatment of the tail we'll ask that you provide us with your waist measurement and the desired length of tail (no longer that 2 feet is recommended).  If we do not hear from you the default modern length of 42" with NO HOLES is what we will send.
    • Finished end: Square cut, diagonal cut, or English V.  We'll trim the end with diagonal cut unless you tell us otherwise.
    • Width: This belt is 1 1/2 inches wide. We can also fit this buckle onto 1 1/4"  if you'd prefer something narrower however this is not perfect a fit for the buckle.  We can also sell the buckle with no belt.


    This fine belt is handmade entirely with hand tools in our smoke free workshop in Saint Albans, Vermont.   Please contact us within 3 days after the end of the auction, and make payment within 7 days.  We typically use transparent packaging for your belt for thrift and easy clearance through postal security.  If this will be a gift or you'd like the contents of your order more hidden just drop us a note and we'll ship using opaque packaging.