Buckle, 3" Western Pirate - Classic Solid Brass

Ring or Buckle: 
Solid Brass Buckle

Solid Brass 3" Historical Buckle

Suitable for many genre of re-enactment costume or daily wear, this is a premium product that we've used for hundreds of historical event participants. It has been polished to a brilliant finish.

Available in VERY limited quantities as they are no longer being produced.

Inside Diameter 3" - 7.62 cm

Outside Diameter 3 15/16" - 10 cm

Weight 4.2 oz - 120 grams

Inside dimensions are 2 9/16" wide by 1 5/8"

Geometry note:  Round buckles taper inwards so thick leathers may need to be slightly narrower than the inside diameter to thread properly. 

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Custom works happily considered in belts, shields, or armor.  
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