Belt Pouch - Leather Medieval


Superior Medieval Belt Pouch

A nice selection of medieval leather pouches to choose from, these are intended to be worn on a belt (up to 3 inches wide) for easy access and storage of your valuables.  We offer two styles

  • Our Bollock or Kidney Pouch is based upon medieval illuminations and effigies from the Late Middle Ages circa 1200 - 1400 A.D. and was typical for that worn by nobles or merchants.  This pouch is a tidy size suitable for carrying smaller items and provides superior security with the use of a solid brass floral buckle strap to fasten down the overlapping fold over cover.  Saddle stitched with sturdy thread.  Measurements are  9.5 inches high x 7.5 inches wide.  This is a "lay flat" pouch that doesn't use a gusset for depth so it has a very sleek profile but carries fewer/narrower items.  Loops will accommodate a belt up to 2 3/4" wide.
  • Our High Middle Age Pouch dates from circa 1000 -1200 A.D. but similar styles of this pouch can be found both earlier and later.  It has substantial carrying capacity being able to carry a wallet, key, cell phone, checkbook all conveniently on your belt.  It also has a secure overlapping fold over cover secured by a knot and loop arrangement that keep things safe and secure inside.  Hand stitched with leather lace. Measurement are 6 inches high x 8.5 inches wide and about 2 inches deep (but it can handle wider items easily). Loops will accommodate a belt up to 3" wide. - Please note that the picture shows a brown pouch but we are selling both black and brown.  The leather stain is on exterior only and is not applied to edge or inside.  As each dye lot is different, the hue of brown can vary from the illustrated example.  They are running a bit darker lately, more of a dark chocolate color.  
Crusader Pouch
Pouch, Frog, etc